Apr 7, 2015

Aish HaTorah's "Essentials" Classes

Drop in classes daily in the new Aish HaTorah World Center in the heart of the Old City, Jerusalem.

Outstanding speakers!

Topics appeal to all levels and interests.
Science and Torah includes Evolution, Brain and Mind, Life and Death.
The Joy Series includes Character Traits, Conquering Anger.
Contemporary Issues includes Q and A, Pluralism in Judaism, Who is a Jew?, Zionism and Judaism, The Messianic Concept.
Torah Topics includes Gratitude and Passion, Mystical Tales from the Rabbis, The Inner Strength of Isaac, Jacob and the Nature of Truth, Wealth  and Fulfillment.
Practical Spirituality.
A History of the Mideast Conflict.

New schedule comes out each Sunday for the week.
Classes are Sunday - Thursday at 9:10am, 10:10am, 11:10am, and 12:10pm.
Then a break for lunch.
Then 2:00pm, 3:10pm, 4:10pm, 5:10pm.
One day a week, usually Wednesdays, a tour (approx. 20 shekels) at 3:00 or 4:00pm, varies, but usually in the Old City or nearby Jerusalem neighborhoods.
Friday Morning is usually a Parsha of the Week class with Rabbi Avi Geller 9:30-11:00 AM.

No fee for these drop-in classes, but donations are welcome and grately appreciated.
No need to register in advance.

For Dedication Opportunities and
more information call 02-628-5666 and ask for Rabbi Shmuel Schwartz or email
 For current Schedule on line   Then click on "Current Schedule" on the left side bar.

Sponsor a week of Essentials classes in honor of someone special or in memory of a loved one for $1,000
Check out


Torah Tuesdays morning of learning for women

Amazing Women’s Learning
IN THE ROVA (Jewish Quarter) in the Old City

Hosted in a resident's home.
21 Shonei Halachot St. 

From the main square, (by the Churva Synagogue) turn at the bank onto
Bonei HaHoma St., at end of Bonei HaHoma turn right
onto Shonei Halachot, first house on the right.

Featuring three outstanding Torah teachers and mentors!!!

 9:30 am         Rebbetzin Luba Feuer
                             Topic:   Duties of the Heart

10:30 am        Rebbetzin Chaya Lagumsky
                              Topic:   A Journey through the Calendar
11:30 am        Rebbetzin Malka Twerski Friedman
                               Topic:  Sefar Hacharaidim

12:30 pm        Rebbetzin Malka Twerski Friedman
                               Topic: Parsha

 Suggested donation 25 NIS for the day (for one or all 4 classes).
For further info, please call Leah 052-546-2762 or Selma 052-861-0757

Mar 23, 2015

Classes for women hosted in Jerusalem homes

Here is a contact you can call for updates on some classes for women, other than those listed on this site, that are hosted in Jerusalem homes:
Tzipora Winston
054 842 1859

Feb 29, 2012

Jerusalem Light Rail

Here's a link with info about the new Jerusalem Light Rail transportation.  Part of the route runs the length of Jaffa (Yafo) Street...very convenient.

The site includes the following info:
As part of the emphasis that CityPass places on service to its customers, we have established a customer service system that includes the following:

Call Center – *3686 or 0722564333 Telephone service, including an automated information system and a team of trained customer service representatives, through which you can obtain detailed information and service on a range of subjects, such as the light rail route, station location, fares, timetables, ticket purchase and issuing points, continuous real-time updates, and more.

Hours of Operation
Sunday – Thursday: 07:00-19:00
Friday and Holiday Eve: 07:00-13:00

Shabbat/Holidays End: Approximately one hour from when Shabbat/Holiday ends until 23:00

Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center is located at the Davidka Station, 97 Jaffa St., in the Klal Building.  Our representatives will be pleased to provide you with answers and assistance with the following:

Hours of Operation

Sunday – Thursday: 09:00-17:00
Friday and Holiday Eve: 09:00-13:00

Public Inquiries

Providing a response for all types of written queries
To send a query, click here

Jan 20, 2010

Artzeinu's group tours all over the country

Here's the link for a recommended company, Artzeinu, that provides group tours all over the country.  Joining a group is a lot less expensive than hiring your own private tour guide in most cases.  Most of their tour groups are usually small. There is a possibility you can form your own group.
office phone: 02-587-1718
fax: 02-587-1719

Jan 11, 2010

Tzfat, Very Complete Resource Guide

Everything you wanted to know about Tzfat but were afraid to ask. This site provides tons of useful info.
Click here:

Israel Railways

For info on train transportation, here's the site to click on:

or call:

What is the Information and Customer Service Call Center *5770 / 077-2324000

The Information and Customer Service Call Center *5770 / 077-2324000 is a telephone call center at the service of Israel Railway's customers.
The center provides information regarding schedules, ticket rates, station and train accessibility and more.
Through this center one may coordinate travel arrangements for a disabled person.

Methods of Contact

​The Information and Customer Service Call Center is available at 077-2324000 or the speed dial number *5770.
Hearing impaired customers are welcome to contact us by fax at 077-2324011. Please include a fax number for reply.

Business Hours

The Information and Customer Service Call Center *5770 is open continuously as follows:
Sundays – Thursdays: From 06:00 AM – 11:00 PM.Fridays: From 06:00 AM – 03:00 PM.Saturday evenings: From half an hour after the closing of the Sabbath until 11:00 PM.

Tzfat Tour Guides

I don't know these Tzfat guides personally, but they come highly recommended by others.

Tamar Jacobs
When calling from the U.S.: 011-972-4-697-1025
Gives a good, 1.5 hr. tour of the Old City of Tzfat for about 400 shekels. 
(To figure out what that costs in U.S. dollars (or another currency), use the currency converter on the right side of this page...just scroll til you come to it.
Tamar can also recommend places to stay based on price and type of accommodations you might be interested in.  She doesn't book them for you , but will give you their names and contact info.

Yossi Reiss
From U.S.: 011-972-50-7603-606
Also does tours of the upper Galilee in addition to Tzfat.

Baruch Erdstein
English and Hebrew     No car. Specializes in Intro to Kabbalah tours, Kabbalah classes.
Cell: 052-251-5134
From U.S.: 011-972-52-251-5134

Mordechai Zeller
English and Hebrew     No car.   Specializes in storytelling tours. 
From U.S.: 011-972-50-537-1332

Ascent of Tzfat (Safed), The Mystical City in the north of Israel




2 Ari Road, P O Box 296
13102 Zefat

phone numbers:
office: 04-692-1364

office phone if calling from abroad: 972-4 692-1364, fax: 972-4-692-1942
toll-free! from anywhere in Israel outside of area code 04:
1-800 30-40-70

Jan 7, 2010

Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum's tour of Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rachel) and Hebron

A great, all-day tour.

Hebron, the ultimate family experience in Israel!
Isn't it about time you took your children to visit your great-grandparents in Hebron?
Protected buses, inspiring guides like Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum, Noam Arnon & David Wilder, Hebron's historic sites and our pioneering spirit - all come together to make this tour your most moving day in Israel!
Celebrate Jewish history with those who keep writing it
For all additional information please contact our hebron fund tour coordinator Sarah Edri (licensed tour guide) at or 052-431-7055

About the Tour

The tour is a full day tour, leaving from Jerusalem's David Citadel Hotel, 7 King David Boulevard, at 9:15 AM unless another pick-up spot & time is indicated in the posted schedule or in your confirmation. We usually return to the pick-up spot by 4 PM. The tour generally includes Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, Tel Hebron, Beit Hadassah, Avraham Avinu Synagogue and neighborhood, followed by lunch at our Gutnick Center, finishing off with a tour of the Cave of the Patriarchs usually including afternoon Mincha services. All buses are protected. The cost of lunch is not included in the tour - you choose and pay on your own. The Gutnick Center offers pizza, bourekas, pastries, drinks, ice cream and during busy seasons often offers salads and sandwiches as well. The famous Hebron Souvenir Shop is almost always open for your shopping pleasure. In general, the tour is not strenuous at all and is even suitable for senior citizens. The hardest thing you will do is climb the close to 60 steps up to the Cave of the Patriachs.

Your visit to Hebron is not just another tour.
* You are coming to visit your great-great-grandparents – the founders of our nation.
* You are being guided not by tour guides, but rather will hear the spellbinding tales of Hebron by the people who are making history - the residents and employees of the Jewish Community of Hebron and our US affiliate, the Hebron Fund - including Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum, Noam Arnon or David Wilder.

There is a minimum rate of $50 per person or $250 for immediate family. This is the minimum everyone gives, but we are hoping you will want to give much more. Every penny you give will go to support the Hebron Fund and its 4 major areas of operation
For more Hebron Tour info, go to

Interesting Hebron website:


Egged Bus Company
Want to try taking the bus instead of a taxi?  Need to know what bus to take to get you where you want to go, times, etc.?
They now have an English website:

Or you can call *2800
(Yes, this is a 4-digit phone number.  First you press *, then the digits.  I think it's toll-free.)

You'll first hear Hebrew.  Don't despair.  If you don't speak Hebrew, stay on the line and you'll probably hear, "For English, please dial 3."  After you press 3, you might hear a Hebrew announcement.  Again, don't despair.  It is telling you how long the line of callers is.  In other words, how many are waiting ahead of you to get bus information.  The line usually moves very quickly and it will be your turn soon.

An aside:  The word for "patience" in Hebrew is "savlanut".  You'll have lots of opportunities to develop savlanut in Israel!  Just remember, savlanut is a virtue!  That means it's worth developing and good to have.  Like anything, it takes practice.

When an operator comes on the line, she'll also probably speak first in Hebrew.  (Even though you just pressed 3 for English!)   Just ask her (in English) if she speaks English.  Most likely she does.  If not, she'll get an English-speaking operator for you while you practice "savlanut."  :)

Once you get on a bus you'll probably need help with where to get off.  There are usually plenty of English speaking passengers who can help you.  Many times the bus driver also speaks English. 

If you're adventurous enough to try riding the bus, you'll have some good bus stories to share with family and friends.  It's actually quite fun.  Bus stories abound.  I promise you'll get more of the flavor of being a local than a tourist.  Which is nice, don't you think?

I'm afraid to get started telling you some of our personal bus stories or I won't know when to stop.  But just thinking about them puts a smile on my face!  I'll just tell you an interesting ending to a result of getting help from a fellow bus passenger (who was a complete stranger and who we would never have guessed from his appearance speaks a word of English), we ended up getting invited to his daughter's wedding the next night in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Meah She'arim...and we went!  Mazel tov!

Jerusalem Jewish Taxi Companies

Ramot Alon
02-500-0003   or   02-502-2222

Bar Ilan
02-586-6666   or   02-581-4444

Givat Shaul
02-651-2222   or   02-651-2111

Aish HaTorah's Discovery Seminar, The Science of Belief

This one-day Discovery Seminar is sure to give you food for thought (as well as food for lunch, included)!  At the very least you will be intellectually stimulated.  Outstanding speakers.  For sure the presentations are entertaining...but soooo much more!  No one walks away disappointed. 
When: Most Sundays. Call or email to confirm the Sunday you are available.

link to site::

Discovery in Jerusalem

Phone: 02-627-2355
Fax: 02-627-7742

All Discovery programs are held at the
Dan Family of Canada
Aish World Center at the Western Wall

in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City 

  Upcoming Seminars 2015
August 30

Registration begins at 9:15 a.m.
Classes run from 9:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Price: ₪125 or $35 person

Aish HaTorah's Executive Learning Center

Interested in customized, one-on-one learning with outstanding Aish HaTorah teachers in the new Aish HaTorah World Center Building overlooking the Western Wall?  The Executive Learning Center (ELC) is it!
While you're in this breath-taking building, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view from the roof.  You'll feel like you are standing on top of the world!  There you can also examine the detailed, large model of the Temple that stood on the Temple Mount only meters away thousands of years ago.  May it be rebuilt speedily in our day. Truly worth seeing.
For more information, including costs of the ELC program:

For more information please contact:
Rabbi Elazar Grunberger
in Israel: 050-405-5521
outside Israel: 972-50-405-5521

Nov 5, 2009

Tour Guides

Call in advance to book tours.
Here are some licensed tour guides I recommend for the Jerusalem area (some cover other areas as well):

Patrick Amar  052-423-1428
skype: pamar27
He runs the executive touring centre of Aish:
I think you'll enjoy touring with Patrick Amar.  He used to be an Aish Jerusalem student.  He lives with his young family in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, Jerusalem.  He keeps it light...sense of humor  Amiable.

Basha Zussman (female, Old City Jerusalem resident) Offers tours of the Old City and other Jerusalem neighborhoods including Nachlaot. cell: 054-840-1871, home: 02-627-6095

Dr. Lisa Aiken 052-656-5162

Barnea Selavan (male, long-time Old City Jerusalem resident)
Call Barnea's wife, Shoshi to reserve regular Friday morning Old City tour: 050-752-6888.
Call Barnea to reserve Shabbos afternoon or early evening Old City tour or weekday tour at daybreak at Mount of Olives (Har HaZeisim) just outside the Old City. 050-752-6888.

Sarah Edri 052-431-7055 

Genesis Land (Eretz Berieshit)

Experience the beauty of Judean Desert. (See camel photo at beginning of this site!) Very special experience. You can make your own pitas, eat a meal in Abraham's Tent, hear Abraham's story, ride camels. Not far from Jerusalem. On the way to the Dead Sea.

Genesis Land - Ecological Campsite:
Jewish desert hospitality in the wilderness of  Judea.  
Our campsite is located in the tranquility of the desert between the Dead Sea and Jerusalem At the site you will find all the facilities you need:
hot showers, clean toilets, a camp fire and a shaded chill-out zoola. 
Sleeping under the stars, waking up at sunrise to explore the desert and seeing the local animals in the wild, will be an experience you will never forget.
Only 20 minutes from Jerusalem and in close proximity to the Dead Sea.
Public transport is available (bus transportation no. 125)  
Variety of hiking trails and attractions in the region (available at a 10% discount)

Are you looking for a unique Israeli experience?
Would you like to take part in an authentic Middle-Eastern experience?
If you seek a once in a life time experience 
come and spend a night in the desert!

All the info is on their website:

Phone: 02-997-4477

Genesis Land
Yishuv Alon 90618
Tel. (972)2-9974477
Fax. (972)2-9974482

Temple Mt. Southern Wall Archeological Park Davidson Center

Jerusalem Archeological Park Davidson Center
Amazing discoveries from many time periods.
I highly recommend it.

It's just inside the Old City walls to the right of the Western Wall, inside Dung Gate (Sha'ar Ashpot). From inside the Old City Walls, head towards Dung Gate. Don't go through the gate. Just before the gate, turn right and right again (making a u-turn.) The entrance is under the road to the Dung Gate you just walked on.

For info, call 02-627-7550
(Stay on the line because English follows the Hebrew.)
Visit their website. It's packed with information:

They have a fascinating "Virtual Reality Model" (computer generated, three-dimensional film) needs to be booked with a local guide in advance by phone 02-6277550. You can bring your own guide or use theirs. Their guide is very good and less expensive than bringing your own. Up to you.

City of David plus Archaeological Sifting Experience plus Segway Tours

The City of David (Ir David) is an amazing site. The City of David is the site of King David's palace and it predates the building of the First Temple on the Temple Mount. Well-worth visiting. The City of David is just outside the Dung Gate of the Old City walls. The Dung Gate (Sha'ar Ashpot) is to the right (south) of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. As soon as you exit Dung Gate, cross to the opposite side of the street and turn left. Continue on this downward sloping street until you come to the first corner where you will turn right. In a short distance, you'll see the entrance to the City of David on the opposite or left side of the street. Cross to the other side and enter.

They have a variety of tours. You can select the one that suits you. One includes Warren's Shaft and Hezekiah's Tunnel...wading through the water in an underground tunnel...quite an unusual experience...partly because it is very dark so they provide flashlights for you to light your way. There's a 3-D movie and excavations from pre-Temple periods, including King David's palace.

You can reserve tours given in English by their own tour guides. You can also bring your own tour guide. I heard from a reliable source that Rabbi Asher Altshul is an independent guide that gives a great tour of The City of David. He currently charges U.S. $160 plus entrance fee. His cell number is 052-232-3219. City of David tours typically take 2 to 3 hours depending on the tour.

Call *6033 (That's right, just press "star" and the four digits 6033.) Stay on the line and you'll hear English following the Hebrew.
Or you can call 02-626-2341 or 1-800-252-423.
Their website is information packed:
The website lists the tours, prices, hours, etc.
Register in advance.

They offer a variety of other interesting tours and activities. Ask them about Temple Mount Archaeological Sifting at Emek Tzurim on Mt. of Olives and about their fun Segway Tours at the Haas Promenade (Tayelet) where you'll see breathtaking, panoramic views of the Old City and the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum's Weekly Tour of the Old City

Highly recommended:
Unusual tour of the Old City with Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum, an outsanding tour guide. Tour varies, but usually includes Jewish presence in the so-called Muslim Quarter, visiting special homes and yeshivos, and the gates of the Temple Mount on the north, east and southern sides.

Usually Tuesdays 9:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.
Occasionally Sundays and Thursdays are also offered.
About $40 per person (if there are entry fees, may be a bit more)
Call Sarah Edri to book ahead of time:  052-431-7055